Nab 12.50 RS

The Nab 12.50 RC results from a joint collaboration between Nabys, with the architect Massimo Sabatini, and Vismara team. It’s a comfortable and fast yacht which, suitable for both short-range outings, family cruises and offshore races, is extraordinarily capable of meeting any sailor’s needs. Exterior lines are contemporary, rational and sleek.

Featuring very high performance, this yacht also offers adequate volumes to enjoy all your moments on board.

The boat combines classic elements, such as the use of wood, and innovative elements, including the use of flax fibres, electric propulsion, modern and performing waterlines.

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Faithful to the line

As clearly suggested by the name, the Nab 12.50 has an overall length of 12.50 meters. Her lines are specially designed to deliver fast acceleration, thanks to a low displacement, and extraordinary performance at light speeds, thanks to a reduced wet surface when tilting and at downwind speed. As the wind grows, with the increase in upwind heeling, the dynamic length extends over the edge of the hull, increasing the critical speed of the hull, while at downwind speeds the boat takes advantage of the taut and powerful lines to quickly get up on plane.

Despite the high performance, the boat boasts easy handling, so much so that even a crew of passionate sailors can steer it in offshore regattas with the possibility of obtaining excellent results.


Structure, lightness and class of wood

The lightness, sturdiness and rigidity of the boat result from an excellent construction. The hull is made of wood (Canadian red cedar) and reinforced with flax fiber. The same plant fiber is also used for the cedar and okoumé marine plywood deck. The whole is then impregnated externally with resins.

The result is a lightweight and high-performance boat made with the most sustainable techniques and materials (and the least use of carbon).

Naval Architecture

To guarantee the necessary stability to a powerful sail plan and a very light displacement, the Nab 12.50 is equipped with a fixed keel with a highly straightening geometry and a draft of 2.48 meters. The wheel has a single high-efficiency blade and, thanks to its length, contributes to the general upwind performance of the boat.

The sail plan, supported by a mast and an aluminum boom, is very far back. This allows for a powerful bow triangle, albeit with minimal overlap between the mainsail and genoa and a very efficient staysail. At downwind speeds, a Code 0 or a large surface gennaker can be hoisted to enhance the hull’s ability to “fly” over the water. The mainsail, given the philosophy of the project, is square top, but it is possible to opt for a traditional cut if you want less surface at the top.

The deck plan, designed with the help of experienced competitive sailors, includes 6 winches, two positioned in front of the wheelhouse that can also be reached by the helmsman and four on the deckhouse arranged to optimize the position of the crew. This uncommon configuration allows the most sophisticated adjustments and maneuvers typical of a regatta, but also allows to face navigation with a small crew in total safety.

Internal policy

Several elements make the interiors of the Nab 12.50 RC unique. Starting from the careful study of the weights, which thus allows for a symmetrical distribution. Added to this are: a great brightness and internal visibility ( almost 360 degrees) offered by the windows positioned on the three sides of the deckhouse and on the bulwarks; a wise exploitation of wide spaces; and, in the sportier version, the possibility of removing the side lockers to reduce the weight and lower the center of gravity.
The layout includes: two twin cabins aft; two bathrooms, one of which with shower; a living area with dinette, a galley on one side and a chart table on the other; a large cabin with double wardrobes forward of the mast.

Not noise, but silence!

Ecological consequences aside, an electric engine offers the immediate advantage of eliminating noise, vibrations and bad smells. That’s why the Nab 12.50 RC adopts it as standard. Her power supply is guaranteed by lithium batteries.

In case of long-range cruises, it is possible to install a “Range Extender” generator, which can be easily removed when you want to lighten the boat as much as possible. To limit the use of fossil fuels, some solar panels are installed on the deckhouse and the engine can be used as a hydrogenerator to recharge and maintain the batteries.

Series or prototype boat?

The Nab 12.50 RC is both. She is standard in the construction method, in the production of numerically controlled components, in the use of materials and in the technical solutions for systems and plants.

A methodology that reduces construction costs while also using high quality products and materials.
She becomes a prototype when considering the customization guaranteed by the wooden construction and the relative absence of a mold and bulkheads imposed by the project. Your 12.50 adapts to your needs in terms of number of cabins and interior solutions.

Nab 12.50 RC Technical Specs

LOA: 12,50 m

Waterline Length: 12,00 m

Max Beam: 4,30 m

Draft: 2,44 m

Unladen Displacement: 5,9 t

Sail plan

Mainsail: 58,00 m2

Genoa: 49,00 m2

Code 0: 115 m2

A 0: 120 m2

Upwind sail plan: 107,00 m2

Downwind sail plan: 178,00 m2

Electric Engine: sd 10 kw

Power Supply: 48v batteries

Water Tank Capacity: 2 x 150 l

Generator Fuel Tank: 55 L

Solar Panels

Optional Generator: Range extender 4 kW

Cabins: 2

Berths: 6 + 2 in the dinette

Toilets: Wc and shower/separate locker room


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