Nabys is a shipyard. Not a rarity in Italy. According to a research by the CNA (Italian Confederation of Craft Trades) NAUTICA study centre, there are nearly 1,300 boat manufacturers in Italy. Added to these are the thousands of foreign shipyards that, even if they do not build in Italy, try to sell their boats in this country. Was Nabys really needed? Yes, there was a need for it. And for more than one reason.

First of all, because it builds beautiful sailboats. Beauty, we know, is subjective, but the first reason why people choose a boat is precisely because they like it. So, in our opinion, our Nabs are beautiful to see and amazing to use. Thanks to the design, quality of materials, construction processes and products we choose.
In Signa, just a few kilometres from Florence, we build sailboats in a different way. Instead of polyester resin and fiberglass, we use wood and flax fibre. We have decided to go back to the naval material par excellence, the oldest and the longest-lived one because, today, it is the best option. Not only for its direct and important ecological implications, but, above all, for the practical ones.

Secondly, because we fill a market gap. We offer small-sized boats, from 8 to 14 meters in length, which is also the size that usually accompanies the entry into “adult” boating and that historically created the market. A sailing career generally begins with a boat of this size. A boat under 10 meters, therefore with no registration required, capable of delivering good performance and emotions while limiting bureaucratic and management duties. Large enough to enjoy family cruising. Unfortunately for boaters, however, the major shipbuilding industry offers very little models of this size today. This is due to the low economic marginality of these products when considered from an industrial perspective. This situation further reduces the market offer, limited, in practice, only to the models from the most serial brands. As a result, boats are not only few in number but also poorly customizable. Thanks to our construction process, instead, our boats are totally custom. The absence of a mold eliminates any design constraints.

Wood does not necessarily mean classic boat. Nothing prevents you from choosing a contemporary look or adding contemporary finishes and layouts. Indeed, the possibility for the owner to co-design his boat is part of our construction system. A unique union between craftsmanship and technology. Between ancient knowledge and future possibilities.

Lastly, we propose a new concept of nautical enterprise. A group of people that, driven by determination and love for sailing, share their initiative with anyone wishing to become a part of it. Customers, suppliers and partners. But we will talk about this at the right time ;-)