The principles in place at Nabys S.r.l. for the protection of your personal information.

  1. Privacy by default

We believe it is a priority to protect the personal information belonging to each and all of us.

  1. Privacy by design

We have specifically designed our website and the tools it uses in order to interact with you so that the privacy and security of any personal information we process is protected. Personal information needs to be protected from unauthorised access, improper use, sharing, and loss.

  1. Privacy Statement

We believe that each one of us should be informed about how their personal information is used in a way that is clear, transparent and easy to understand.

  1. Collection of necessary information and your right to choose

We only handle information that is really necessary for the purpose we asked you to provide it, and only the information you authorise us to handle.

  1. Protection of confidentiality in a defined timeframe

We believe your personal information deserves to be handled confidentially and should not be shared without your permission. We also believe that personal information should be handled within a set timeframe that is easily identified.