We know why a boat like the Nab 10 FC was needed. There is a strange contradiction between what the market wants and what it offers. Especially in the segment of small-sized sailboats. Many look for them but only a few shipyards build them. Let’s see the reasons for this situation and, above all, why it is good for boaters that Nabys has come to propose a completely new boat concept.

According to the Italian law, a unique case in the world, a “registration-free” boat is a boat with a hull measuring less than 10 meters in length. It is therefore a movable product like a pair of skis, a bicycle, an initiation Optimist or a windsurf board. Registration is not required since there is no “license plate”- if the engine is less than 40 HP powerful, a nautical license is not required but you must navigate within 6 miles from the coast, with all your safety equipment on board.
However, it is a real boat. If the CE certification issued by the shipyard is for offshore navigation, or category A or B, it can sail without limits from the coast.

It can be driven from the age of sixteen, as long as you sail within 6 miles of the coast.
Finally, it is not subject to periodic safety equipment and navigation suitability review. In short, a non-registered unit has a lot of bureaucratic-administrative advantages compared to one registered in the national telematic offices.

Moreover, modern 10-meter sailboats are perfectly capable of accommodating up to four people for a short-range cruise.
Furthermore, thanks to its overall size and configuration, a 10-meter sailboat is suitable for single-handed cruising and manoeuvres, both at sea and in the port.

In short, the perfect boat for a lot of boaters. From first-time owners, who have to understand whether a boat ownership is a good choice, to the most experienced sailors who no longer use their big boat because “now the grown-up children go on their own and it begins to be hard for me to sail alone …” and thus prefer a lighter and easier boat.

Highly appealing, small-sized sailboats are however poorly available on the market, often offered only by big industrial shipyards. The reason is linked to the low marginality of this size. In terms of production costs, finishes and hours of work required for the set-up, a 30-footer is not very different from a 50-footer, but, of course, the sale price of the second is significantly higher than the first one.

This means that even the manufacturers that have small boats in their price list often subordinate their construction to the larger models, leaving the production slots to the most profitable models.
Moreover, given the industrial and serial logic of these products, customization (optional accessories and upholstery colour options aside) is practically nil. You can’t customize your boat.

The Nab 10, instead, is designed for those who want a registration-free boat, that is a boat with all the above-mentioned pros, but with the added possibility of adapting the interiors and deck to their own needs. One of the amazing side benefits enjoyed by those who choose wood construction.

Nab 10 Technical Specs

LOA: 9.99 m
Waterline Length: 9.59 m
Max Beam: 3.66 m
Draft: 1.85 m
Unladen Displacement: 5.0 t
Sail Plan
Mainsail: 30.00 m2
Genoa: 31.00 m2
Asymmetric Spinnaker: 90 m2
Upwind Sail Plan 61,00 m2
Downwind sail plan: 120,00 m2

Electric engine: Oceanvolt sd 8 kw
Power Supply: Cleartron 48v batteries
Water Tank Capacity: 2 x 120 l
Cabins: 2
Berths: 4 + 2 in the bow
Toilets: WC and shower/separate locker room