When the boats were still drawn by hand, Alessandro Vismara was already one of the most promising pencils in Italy. The lines he drew, first on paper and then in code, have marked the last 35 years of yachting in the Mediterranean. Sailing and motor. From 25 ‘to 120’. Boats for racing or, as he more often likes to conceive, for the fast cruising. Many of these yachts have become iconic. A few names: Kiribilli, Antonisa, Go Fast Guaglione, GenMar, Querida, Junoplano, Ganzuria, Aledoa, Mattone, Ops 5, K9, Stig, Ghibellina, Supernikka …

Nab 12.50 Alessandro Vismara

Nab 12.50 designed by Alessandro Vismara.

Alessandro Vismara has contributed to the first two projects adopted by Nabys. He dealt with the naval architecture of Nab10 and he has designed Nab12.50, together with Massimo Sabatini. We asked him to tell us about the latter.

Alessandro Vismara: «Nab 12.50 goes towards an offshore concept. As for geometry, she refers to the Vismara Verdier 69 Nacira. The mast is moved towards the stern. The sail plan lets a lot of free bow, so it is easy to rig three sails: a genoa with a minimum overlap, a staysail and a gennaker, an A0 or Code 0 on the bowsprit. She is a high performance fast cruiser. She ideally is between a racer like IRC 50 and an ocean cruiser like Pogo 50. She has open space and symmetrical interior.

To facilitate the setting for long races, the hull is more dedicated to gliding. We are not talking about a club boat, it is not born for close-hauled. The appendages are therefore long and thin not to make a corners and to get speed. Consequently, the sail plan is set back to give stability to the carriers and make navigation less tiring. The Nab 12.50 has the DNA of an ocean runner ».


«This project was born to differentiate from the beautiful and good boats that are seen around. Wood with flax fiber and carbon reinforcements allow to build a lighter boat than one made with fiberglass. Even cheaper than a composite of comparable quality. No molds and related industrial investments are needed. Elder fans remember how many boats in the west system have been launched in the past years. Even then, the price was competitive also because there was no need for grouting, false ceilings, paneling … ”


«I am confident that people will consider to return to the beauty of materials for what they are», hopes Alessandro Vismara, «not just for the susteinability. But also because natural materials are charming and can be left exposed without having to spend on covering the smears of the fiberglass. Meanwhile is an industrial challenge. A new way of thinking and building boats. Forefront design and structures made with materials apparently obsolete. As these are used wisely, the result will be an immortal object combining structure and esthetics. Both for its visibility – as always happens with wood – and functionality. The latter is further enhanced by modern devices such as epoxy resin and linen fiber.


«The owner who chooses Nabys wants a different DNA in the product. Because he saw something more. He has a different mindset. He may not have clear why or how to reach his ideal boat, but he knows what it should be like. At the base is the equation of lightness. A boat must be light in the sense that it does not have to absorb more energy from the environment than it needs to move. The constructive process of the Neb goes this way. If you don’t waste money in the molds, in the make-up … you put the money in the boat: you build a lighter and less costly boat. Go sailing more often, even when there is little air. And it even makes sense, even economically, to use an electric motor instead of a diesel».


Alessandro Vismara concludes: «With Nab12.50 the boat adapts much more easily to personal needs. You can study the boat for where you go, for how you go … it is easier to understand which batteries you need for range and usual consumption. You have a more efficient boat that needs less energy to give you what you want. We cannot continue to be so resource hungry. We must return to the rhythms of the world, waste, excess, haste are not part of nature. Time is proportional to doing things well ».

Nab 12.50 Nabys Alessandro Vismara