A shipyard, a company, a vocation


A creative act,
shared by professionals,
sailors and sea lovers

NABYS is a shipyard. A corporate team of professionals, craftsmen, designers, engineers and nautical experts.

First of all, it is the vocation of a group of yachting enthusiasts committed to building the present time through the creation of fast, comfortable, attractive, eco-friendly and technological boats. Crossing the line between producer and customer.

The Enterprise

Nabys develops, manufactures and sells boats, production processes and technological systems for yachting and recreational boating.

The innovation is applied to realize boats and yachts of quality and personality.

Nabys uses wood and ecological composite to build modern yachts. It designs and simulates the expected performance, and applies artisan working methods. It is careful to the environment, research and experimentation, digital technologies for shipyard and process management.

The shipyard

Nabys is a shipyard that was founded to build sailing boats. Modern, fast, functional and beautiful to see, use and live.

A common goal for many renowned manufacturers. Nabys, however, builds its yachts in wood instead of fiberglass. An agile structure in numbers, but complete in skills and production where technology is at the service of manual know-how. Where craftsmen with long experience, nautical construction professionals, design experts and passionate sailors channel their culture and knowledge to create today what could become the classic boat of the XXII century.

The Idea

Nabys is a newly-established Italian company, based in Signa, in the province of Florence. Its goal is as classic as futuristic: using wood as a real alternative to “plastic” in the building process.

It is clear that a natural product is more environment-friendly in its life cycle than a synthetic one. Nabys boats are alternative, and in many ways better than their conventional mass-produced polyester resin counterparts, especially from a functional point of view: performance, technical features, quality of life on board and project customization.
Moreover, the costs are comparable to those of an equivalent high-quality fiberglass boat. And part of the economy is due to a greater sustainability of the construction process that does not involve “one-way” costs, such as the mold needed to build a fiberglass boat.

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Design: Arch. Massimo Sabatini
Technological platform: Eng. Marco Margheri
Shipyard: Mentor Shimaj
Marketing and Commercial: Alessandro Degli Innocenti

Contributors and Partners:
Lorenzo Banchelli, Antonio Cataldi, Emanuele Di Leo, Andrea Foschi, Filippo Mannucci, Hasa Pllumb.

Coordination and Administration: Toni Compagno


He has a multidisciplinary background. Graduated in political science, he started a social research and marketing company. Subsequently, he dealt with the organization of educational and social services and European planning projects. He participated, coordinated, managed and evaluated various he promoted and joined Nabys in 2020. Expert in administration, organizational and management systems.
“I’m in Nabys because I like beautiful, well-made things, and working with the “right” people. Being the only one of us who doesn’t come from sailing, I find a lot of room to improve myself and experiment new things”.

An architect with technological education and experience as industrial designer. Since 1994, he has been involved in the design and construction of civil, industrial, commercial, sports and cultural buildings. A passionate competitive sailor, he has taken on top positions in local nautical associations and started a research and entrepreneurial path in the world of recreational boating, with special focus on construction methods. Finally, he co-founded Nabys, where he is in charge of project development and management.
“Even at sea, what the architect Mies van der Rohe said is true: ‘Less is More'”.

Nautical experience: Sailing since 2008, he has gone from dinghies to cabin cruisers in a couple of years. Since then he has been accumulating regattas on regattas, always at the helm.

After earning his teaching diploma in Albania, he opened an artisan workshop in Italy. He became interested in wood and studied its many qualities and manipulation, construction, reinvention possibilities. He designed and manufactured new furniture, restorations, installation of structures, and developed new painting methods. He also built some musical instruments. After a work experience in a renowned shipyard, he participated in the cofounding of Nabys, where he currently coordinates the manufacturing professions.

As an electronic engineer, he has a long experience in information technology where he held technical / commercial functions for multinational and national market leaders, more recently with roles of product manager and consultancy. Digital skills, combined with a passion for sailing, have found a new synthesis and impetus in Nabys, where he deals with the technological platform.
Nautical Experience: He started with a windsurf in 1980 and got to know the sailboat at the end of the 20th century. Since the early 2000s he has dedicated himself to offshore sailing alternating cruises and regattas, first as commander and then as owner.

He opened and managed two wholesale warehouses and two appliance stores in Tuscany. The advent of shopping centers and large distribution chains convinced him to professionally exploit his passion for sailing. Before being a salesman, he is a boat owner, he has the vision of those who use their boats, he has lived the same experiences as the interlocutor, he knows what the owner is looking for: they have the same interface.

“A large industrial series product is tailored to the construction site; the Nabs are yachts tailored to the owner.”

Nautical Experience: he started sailing in 1969 on board a gozzo built by Simeone and Siro in Castiglione della Pescaia. 50 years of presence, 20 of which as a professional.

Corporate Bodies

Nabys is governed by a board of directors of 2 members.

The mandate is carried out until 31/12/2023 by Antonino Compagno (legal representative) and Marco Margheri.